Tree Removal Service in Bradenton, FL

TJay’s Tree Service has been serving the Bradenton Florida area since 2012 as one of the top tree removal companies in the area. Owner TJay Stinson is an experienced tree climber, trimmer and removal specialist.

Living in Florida, we have many types of trees, mostly used for shade. Because of our humid and hot environment our trees can easily over grow and either need to be trimming or cut down. Some trees that are left unattended can pose a threat to human safety as well as damage structures during one of our many storms.

It’s important to keep our trees well cared for all year long and that is why it is also important to hire a qualified tree specialist to care for your trees. Most of the jobs we get are because trees were over grown and started to cause problems.

A tree becomes a hazard when its not cared for and left to grow too close to any structure. Some tree branches are roof repairs just waiting to happen. The storms we receive in Bradenton can blow weakened branches and trees over which adds to the mess a home owner must clean.

Trees that become too overgrown can cause other unseen problems such as root damage to concrete or underground piping. TJay’s Tree Service is one of the top choices for tree removal in Bradenton, as we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Be sure to call us for a free estimate at: (941) 213-7408

Why Choose TJay’s Tree Service?

  • We are fully insured and licensed in the state of Florida.
  • We offer fast and professional tree services to our customers.
  • We can give you a free estimate on your job so you know what to expect to pay.
  • We can offer emergency tree removal services and clean up services, after our normal business hours.
  • At Tjay’s Tree Service, we have experience our customers want. Hiring a fully insured tree company in Florida is for your protection and the protection of your property. Make sure you ask any tree company if they are insured and licensed and ask to see proof. It’s better to be safe than to hire the wrong company.

Our number one priority is safety for everyone in and around our job site. Even though we have insurance, we work hard to protect no only you but also your home and other structures.

We only use high quality and professional equipment. Our equipment is also well maintained and cared for in order to keep to our high standard of safety. We also have the equipment to reach most any tree which allows us to be one of the top choices for tree removal in the Bradenton Florida area.

What Do Our Customers Expect From TJay’s Tree Service?

We always offer free estimates on all jobs. We know our customers want to know what cost to expect.
Our bids are specific to the job of our customers, which is why we need to see the job site and/or pictures of the trees in question.
We have customers who want us to leave the wood, while others want us to clean all of the debris. Even some of our customers want us to leave the stump and others want us to remove the tree stump. We try to cater to each individual customer and their requests.
As with most tree services, each job is unique and offers a wide variety of options. We have always put our customers first which has helped us to grow as one of the top Jacksonville tree removal companies.

How Does The Tree Removal Process Work?

When a customer calls us to have their tree removed we set a date and time to meet with the customer at their location. The customer can also forward pictures of the tree to us for a quick estimate on removal cost.

After we have agreed to the price and time of the project we usually set a start time for early in the day. With all large trees we know there can be unforeseen challenges, but our guarantee is that the job will get done and done safely. Depending on where the tree is located we may have to file a permit for removal. Most trees located within Bradenton are protected, which means we have to file for a permit to remove the tree.

Once we receive the permit to remove a tree, if it’s needed we schedule a day and time for the work to begin. Depending on the size of the tree we take it down one step at a time. Our people are in the tree and on the ground using the right equipment and chainsaws to ensure that the branches and trunk of the tree fall in an orderly way.

Tree Removal Bradenton FL
Once our customer is completely satisfied we request a signature of approval and then we leave. Some of our customers wish to keep the debris, branches and logs for firewood, while others request that we completely clean up the mess.

At TJay’s Tree Service we have the skills, equipment and experience to get the job done right. We are here to answer all of your questions and can help you get rid of that overgrown tree. Call us today at (941) 213-7408 and find out why people call us first when they need tree removal in Bradenton.

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